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Brass Annealing Furnace
Brass Annealing Furnace
Hangzhou Hangshen Energy-Saving Funace Co.,Ltd is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of brass annealing furnace products from China. As a very professional brass annealing furnace company, we have our own factory, we welcome you to buy our brass annealing furnace products in wholesale, cheap brass annealing furnace.

Well type resistance furnace uses:
Main uses: well type resistance furnace for steel parts tempering quenching,annealing and other heat treatment in an oxidizing atmosphere.
Well type resistance furnace:
1, electric furnace is provided with large fan device, improve the furnace temperature uniformity;
2, electric multiple area control, further improve temperature uniformity;
3, in the furnace with stainless steel wind barrel;
4, the furnace cover hoist the crane lifting or automatic hydraulic switching mechanism, and a guide post, ensure smooth furnace cover opening and closing;  http://www.hsfurnace.com/