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Supercon Type Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace
Supercon Type Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace
Spheroidizing annealing furnace with bell type annealing furnace and well typeannealing furnace body, it has a bell type annealing furnace excellentatmosphere convection circulation system, also has a well type annealing furnaceis simple operating mode, more cost-effective bell type annealing furnace can not match. Its features are as follows:
1, the inner barrel of imported SUS309S stainless steel manufacturing, long service life;
2, the top of furnace cover is designed to streamline the dome, the atmosphere of the small resistance;
3, the guide seat using heat-resistant stainless steel, bearing force is stronger,longer service life; the diversion seat can be disassembled, convenient maintenance;
4, the convection motor sealed motor bell type furnace dedicated, excellent sealing, simple maintenance; convection fan blades made of SUS310S heat resistant stainless steel, long life.   http://www.hsfurnace.com/