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Straight Ball Annealing Furnace
Straight Ball Annealing Furnace
1, equipment for various combustion gases as the medium, heating by all kinds ofburner combustion, the maximum temperature of 1200 ℃.
2, the furnace body frame is composed of a variety of large and medium-sizedsteel spot welding, shell sealing plate is a color steel plate, Gao Lvquan fiber refractory rejection blanket module for lining, sealing and obvious energy saving effect.
3, the trolley frame is welded by steel, channel steel, angle steel of various largeand thick plate assembly.
4, the trolley drive with all wheels are driving wheels, reliable driving, driving system consists of "three in one" of motor and reducer installation method forshaft mounted, compact structure, firm assembly, flexible, simple operation, andconvenient repair.  http://www.hsfurnace.com/